Client Testimonials

“I want to give a special shout-out to Julia Oberweis owner of White Tie Organizing. Wow!! We moved into our current home last year in July. When leaving our prior home, I realized my hubby had a huge surplus of tools and hunting gear but got a big eye-opener when it came to clearing out the garage. Between the garage and 2 rooms for all his stuff, his tool supply makes Harbor Freight look like they are low on stock. I organized and got our home in order, however, I really didn’t know where to start with the garage. It had bothered me for a year and I didn’t know how to organize his stuff and make sense of it. I met Julia Oberweis and the Fun and Fearless Female group and never even thought about hiring her. We were talking one day and getting to know a little about each other and it popped right out of my mouth “can you help me with the garage”? I figured it was going to be a lot of heavy work and fully intended to do all the lifting. Got that wrong. Julia asked for photos of the garage, I sent a video instead. When she arrived she began her magic. I am not used to stepping aside and not pitching in. Julia scooted me out of the way and began a transformation that was astounding! Within 2 hours our garage was transformed and had a real sense of peace and continuity. I had put in shelves on all the walls of the garage with the intent of doing this myself.. when Julia arrived she was able to organize in sections of what it was that was going on the shelf. That evening, I walked out to my garage 8 times just to FEEL a new feeling and enjoy the beauty of what Julia had done. Even Steve says it’s a blessing. If you are ready to organize and get the energy flowing forward in your life, I am leaving her website address and I promise, you will be delighted with Julia and her work!”
~ Mrs. Carolyn Vanzlow-Edgar
“My goal in 2017 was to reduce the stuff in our house by one half. 40 years of marriage, closing a Florida house and bringing back too much to Vegas, two sets of parents who had passed and downsizing our business office resulted in a house over flowing with “stuff”. I met Julia at an event and had her come see my house. “Can you help me meet my goal” and she said yes. We started and that same week we discovered a water pipe has sprung a leak in the wall between the Den and the garage. It put our whole downsize program on steroids. I decided what must stay and what can go out – and she did all of the running and organizing – nonstop every day we have worked together. She has amazing suggestions, 95% of which I incorporated. Julia doesn’t just help you “declutter” your environment, she helps make your space as beautiful and attractive as possible by reorganizing in a way that fits your personality. We have gone room by room with no corner, closet or drawer left undone and only the garage left for her to do. I feel Julia is a gift from God. The weight working with her has lifted from my shoulders, having a place for everything and everything in its place has made my husband and I so happy. Thanks to Julia and White Tie Organizing, I have fallen in love with my house all over again. I highly recommend her!!”
~ Mrs. Darcy Dougherty
“Julia is the most optimistic, beautiful, well put person that can change your life forever. She’s changed my family and she will change your family life forever. Thanks White Tie Organizing.”
~ Mrs. B. B.
“Julia is a miracle worker! Without her I don’t think I would have ever began to organize my belongings. Julia was kind enough to help me organize my bedroom. She helped me organize my drawers and closet in ways I didn’t know were possible. She even rearranged my room. Julia’s organizing helped me very much because I was able to find my belongings much easier. She didn’t just organize my room she taught me how to stay organized.”
~ Miss L. Ramirez ( Age 11)
“Julia gets engaged so quickly … from the first contact, she looks to understand her client’s passions, needs and touch points. Helps neutralize some of the emotion in identifying what may need to be donated or disposed of. What I see as clutter and disorganization, Julia sees as her opportunity; and does this with a smile on her face. Lesson learned – don’t wait to straighten things up before calling her. That just delays things, particularly being inspired and learning about solutions. Ultimate professional ……Even when you are not working with her side-by-side, she is working for you; thinking about what you might need or just serve as inspiration.”
~ Mrs. L. DiGiulio
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